Long story short,

Stemmed from wine making experiments at his friend’s garage in Montreal. The founder of Contraband Sparkling Wine
studied analytical wine tasting and wine-making degree called DUAD in Bordeaux, France. The idea was seeded since
the enriching period he spent there. Upon returning to Canada to finish his Honors Degree in Œnology and Viticulture,
he was determined to make sparkling wine accessible to everyone, and not just on special occasions!

Who doesn’t want to experience the glamour of such a celebrated commodity? So voila! After many months of creating the
perfect glass, Contraband is now available for you to enjoy.

Contraband is the first, and only, brand offering a high quality, true sparkling wine also on tap.

Why “Contraband”?

Good question! This innovative idea of serving such a celebrated drink also on Tap, came with some criticism from people
who have managed to maintain the high stature of sparkling wine. The name “Contraband” and the eye-catching logo
derives its meaning from that which is FORBIDDEN.

Ok, so what’s with this…“Art of Sparkling”?

It is true that the making of sparkling wine is an art, just like the making of table wines. The difference is that you take a
still, flat wine and elevate it to another level. This new level produces enhanced organoleptic sensations, fine tingling,
fine mousse, heightened ortho and retronasal perceptions…


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